Comfort Products

Here at Mathis-Salfi Mechanical Services, we like to stay on top of the latest technology available so that we can offer you the most advanced, most efficient system we can. The system controls are just as important as the system itself. The controls sense temperature and tell the system when to come on and when to shut off. Some less expensive controls are not as accurate and can only guarantee to be within +/- 2 degrees. Well, 2 degrees doesn't sound like much on paper but when you have your heat set at 70 and it's actually 68, you can feel the difference and vice versa for air conditioning. TRANE ComfortLink thermostats guarantee temperature accuracy within +/- 1/2 of a degree. Which makes for a more comfortable home and a more efficient system.

This is the TRANE XL950 smart thermostat. This thermostat is packed with innovative features and technology not seen on most other thermostats on the market. This unit is designed to control communicating, variable speed systems such as the XC95m furnace and the XV20i condenser or heat pump, but don't think it's going to stick its nose up at a standard system, this unit will work with any TRANE system! This stat comes with a 7" full color, high resolution display, touch screen controls, wifi capability so you can control your HVAC system at home or away. It is able to download weather reports, forecasts, radar and other weather related information to make the proper adjustments to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. Apps are available on your smart phone to control this stat from wherever you are! You can even upload pictures of your family as a screen saver when the stat is idle, imagine that. This unit can even be programmed to tell you when it's time to change filters, show fault codes for system diagnostics, display your contractors contact info making it easy to call someone if there is a problem. There isn't a whole lot this unit can't do!

This is the TRANE XL824 thermostat. This unit still has all of the features of the XL950 shown above with a few differences. This unit is smaller, 4.3" display, and does not support communicating systems. That doesn't mean it's any less capable! This thermostat still has the great accuracy of +- 1/2 of a degree of set point, wifi capability, color touchscreen display, weather forecasts, air filter status and much more! This control can be used from home and from a far via the NEXIA app available on any smart phone or tablet! This control will keep you comfortable at a lower price point than the XL 950 but still has all the connectivity! This is the thermostat that we recommend most often due to its affordability and the wide rang of features available. You can set up programs to run 7 days a week. This thermostat really does do it all, in a smaller package!

This is the TRANE Clean Effects electronic air cleaning system. Designed to work in conjunction with a properly installed TRANE HVAC system and TRANE comfort control. This unit is capable of cleaning 99.98% of dust and allergens out of the air in your home! If you suffer from dust allergies or are allergic to any airborne particles, this is the answer you've been looking for! With TRANE's legendary reliability and years of experience in HVAC, you can trust that this is a product that help give you cleaner, fresher air in your home!